The Science Behind Susenji Depuff's Premium Ingredients

The Science Behind Susenji Depuff's Premium Ingredients


Susenji Depuff stands out due to its unique formulation of internationally-patented ingredients and premium-quality extracts. Learn how these scientifically-backed components work together to provide effective post-meal puff relief.

Ingredient Spotlight

  1. Enduberry NU (Haskap Berry Extract):

    • Partnering with Mibelle Group, Susenji utilizes this Swiss patented ingredient known for its high antioxidant and polyphenol content.
    • Benefits include removing excess fluid, balancing pH levels, and promoting cell health.

  2. OKRALIN (Okra Extract):

    • This extract serves as a natural fat-binding solution, helping to alleviate water retention and flush out excess salt.
    • OKRALIN is 100% natural and plant-based, making it a safe and effective choice.

Additional Ingredients:

  • Lemon Extract: Helps alleviate water retention and boosts metabolism.
  • Lotus Leaf Extract: Protects the liver and helps eliminate body toxins.
  • Dandelion Extract: Known for its detoxifying properties and ability to improve digestion.

Why Susenji Depuff?

Combining these potent ingredients, Susenji Depuff provides a comprehensive solution for post-meal relief. Whether you're dealing with bloating, indigestion, or puffiness, this product offers a natural and effective remedy.


Susenji Depuff is a game-changer for anyone struggling with post-meal discomfort. With its blend of scientifically-proven ingredients, it not only relieves puffiness but also supports overall digestive health.

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