Who Should Consume Susenji Shake and How to Consume

Who Should Consume Susenji Shake and How to Consume


Susenji Shake is a versatile and convenient meal replacement suitable for a wide range of people. Whether you're looking to improve your digestive health or need a quick, nutritious meal on the go, Susenji Shake is the perfect solution.

Who Should Use Susenji Shake?

  • Individuals aiming for a healthy digestive system
  • Those with gastritis or digestive issues
  • People with irregular meal schedules
  • Individuals who frequently skip meals, such as retail and service workers, shift workers, students, salespeople, housewives, medical staff, and picky eaters
  • Men and women, vegetarians, and vegans

*Note: Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their gynecologist if unsure, as individual needs may vary.

Directions for Use

Dissolve one sachet of Susenji Shake in 250ml of cold or room temperature water. Shake well until fully dissolved and enjoy your delectable meal replacement. For a more filling option, use 200ml of oat milk with 50ml of water and add more oats.


Susenji Shake is more than just a meal replacement; it's a comprehensive solution for better digestive health and overall well-being. With its scientifically proven ingredients and formulation, you can trust Susenji Shake to support your journey to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

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