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Susenji Depuff Reduces Water Retention

Susenji Depuff Reduces Water Retention

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• Not actually overweight but appear swollen
• With bulky physique and heavy figure, tried various methods to lose weight but with limited success
• Consume high quantities of sodium (from salty food) and enjoy late-night snack
• Experience puffy face, swollen eyes right before important events
• Experience noticeable fluctuations in body weight
• Wish to regain overall health and vitality

• Reduce water retention
• Goodbye to puffy face, hands, and feets
• Chewable tablet (tastes like candy!)
• Helps with removing excess sodium (salty food!)

Direct consume 1 to 2 tablets after meal daily

25 Chewable Tablets x 1.5g

Key Ingredients

• Enduberry NU (Patented), Lemon Juice Powder, Dandelion



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