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PROMO: Susenji Bundles - MOFA, Ollie, Luna, Depuff, Shake, Sculpt, Rumi

PROMO: Susenji Bundles - MOFA, Ollie, Luna, Depuff, Shake, Sculpt, Rumi

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    • Reduce water retention
    • Goodbye to puffy face, hands, and feets
    • Chewable tablet (tastes like candy!)
    • Helps with removing excess sodium (salty food!)

    • Enhance Body Definition
    • Reduce appearance of Cellulite
    • Improve Skin Tautness
    • Moisturizing effect, enhance absorption
    • Restore skin elasticity, smoothen fine lines
    • Firming, Moisturizing and tightening of saggy skin

    • Balances body pH level, prevents illnesses and diseases
    • Slims waist and flatten belly effectively
    • Inhibits fat absorption and increases satiety to help shed weight
    • Cleanses colon and keeps perfect skin
    • Removes waste to avoid toxic retention
    • Promotes metabolism to maintain healthy weight
    • Strengthen immunity to speed up recovery
    • Keeps intestines healthy, improves bowel movement, prevent stubborn stools movment
    • Able to absorb excess fluid of Oedema
    • Improves memory and awareness

    • Enhance fat burning
    • Reduce body fat
    • Convenient
    • Reawaken metabolism
    • Reduce belly fat
    • Improve body shape
    • 2x Fat burning effect

    • Boost metabolism
    • Promotes fat metabolism and fat burning
    • Increase muscle mass and reduce fat
    • Controls body weight
    • Provides energy and satiety
    • Reduce appetite and calories absorption
    • Don't need to skip meals to lose weight
    • No weight rebound
    • Balanced nutrition


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