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Susenji Sculpt Firming Lotion & Reduces Cellulite

Susenji Sculpt Firming Lotion & Reduces Cellulite

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Susenji SCULPT

Launched on 18th August 2023.

Susenji SCULPT is the 3rd Generation of Susenji Gold.

It is a convenient roll-on lotion (with 5 roller balls) for Fat Burning, Skin Firming & Moisturizing and it helps to reduce cellulite. 

Recommended for thighs, tummy fats, arms, jawline, double chin.

Comes with medical grade roller balls on the tube for ease of massaging.

**NOTE: Apply a small quantity for first time users to ensure you are comfortable with the warming sensation before applying more. 


• Susenji Sculpt is suitable for all skin types and for children above 12 years old. Avoid applying on broken skin / open wounds.

• Enhance Body Definition
• Reduce appearance of Cellulite
• Improve Skin Tautness
• Moisturizing effect, enhance absorption
• Restore skin elasticity, smoothen fine lines
• Firming, Moisturizing and tightening of saggy skin

Susenji Sculpt can be used in the morning when metabolism is highest and after shower, when pores are open.
1. Gently press an appropriate amount and apply a thin layer to area you want to slim down
2. Apply slight pressure and roll upwards
3. Use the lotion twice daily, once in the morning and once after shower at night. You may re-apply throughout the day.
Susenji Sculpt Lotion can be applied on your thighs, calves, arms, tummy, hips, jawline, neck and double chin (except face). Avoid breast area if nursing and tummy area if pregnant.
It is extremely moisturizing and is very quickly absored by the skin. You may experience a slightly warm sensation, itchiness or redness. It is a sign of good blood circulation, and will fade off after awhile. 

100g per tube

Key Patented Ingredients

• Cafeisilane, Lipout



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